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El Rey del Glam, primer vino de la lista de Alice Fering

Ever wanted to be part of the most eccentric, exclusive, particular and rare wine 'club' ever? You can now, because enrollment in the society is open for the next six subscribers.

Why is it open now?
 I couldn't refuse a few new recent sign ups. That forced me to order another case of each wine I am sending out. The end result is that six spots are available. I'm not sure when enrollment will open up again.

Why is this so exclusive?
Well, it's not snooty or anything, but if we get too big I can't offer the extremely hard to find wines that I do. Sometimes I can only snag a few cases. It's simple. I started the Society to help my readers experience the wines I write about.  #TFLS is more of a service than a profit model.

Hell, it really is special.
No one has dropped out of the #TFLS since signing on. Some members have even ordered two places on the list. We have members in about 15 different states. Even Florence Fabricant at the Times thought enough of it to write it up.

Why is it eccentric?
For $75 a month (+ shipping) I promise you anywhere from one to five bottles of wine. ( I haven't yet exercised my one bottle option yet, but I will.)

They are wines that I believe you need to know about or you need to drink.

They are wines that I am crazy for, or that I deem---for your education--you must experience.

This month the crew is getting two spectacular burgundies that I believe are demonstrative of why people fall for pinot. Last month the members were off the charts in the chat room with praise. What did they get?
E. Sclavus Efranor from the Aeolian islands
Lo-Fi Chenin Blanc from California

Alfredo Maestro's a glou-glou wine Ribera del Duero, El Rey Glam



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